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Jennifer and David – Edmonton Wedding Photography

In Edmonton, our May long weekends are always hit or miss for beautiful weather.  This year’s weather wasn’t as warm as we’d hoped for, but it really didn’t matter to Jennifer or David.  Their wedding day was perfect, it was a hit.

When we first met these two last year they explained to us how the day would unfold.  It was brilliant.  Neither of them had been to too many weddings before and from what they knew about weddings, the typical schedule didn’t make much sense.  The early ceremony, having guests wait around in the afternoon, and then sharing a dinner before a dance.  They wanted to spend the day with their family on the wedding day.  So they did.

An evening ceremony was planned, so we met up with them and their bridal party to take the wedding portraits earlier in the afternoon.  It was fun and relaxed, and exciting.  We were still on a timeline but it wasn’t as fast paced as most wedding portrait sessions are.  After taking a few family portraits, Jennifer and David sat down and enjoyed  an intimate dinner with some close friends and family.

After dinner a beautiful ceremony took place in the gazebo out back at the Hotel Macdonald.  They then shared some very heartfelt vows to each other witnessed by everyone important to them.  A cocktail reception took place after the ceremony where more friends were invited to celebrate and dance the night away.

It was easy to feel how close this family was.  My favourite part of wedding receptions are the speeches.  Hearing about how proud parents are of their children and how blessed their family and friends are for being apart of each others lives, seriously warms my heart.  Jennifer’s younger sister Stephanie shared a speech that actually made me tear up.  She talked about how Jennifer would let her crawl into her bed when they were little and help her memorize her multiplication tables and how much of a mentor she’d been for her.

Family is really what life comes down to in the end, and now Jennifer and David have extended their family trees by another branch.  Congratulations you two.

- Stephanie

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