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Edmonton Wedding Photography – Joanna and Travis

This was a wedding that started out like a movie.  No joking here.  You know those elements in the movies that are used to create drama and comedy… Like losing a ring in the grass.  Or perhaps having the church locked minutes before the ceremony is scheduled to begin.  Well all that happened.  It was like a test to see how much the Bride could take before she breaks.  But she didn’t.  Joanna never cracked.  She was cool and calm the entire day, and she looked stunning in that gorgeous dress and amazing smile.  I don’t think I was the only one that was impressed with her character.  :)

There were more than a few reasons that Shaun and I were excited for this wedding.  Firstly, it was a Ukrainian wedding at St John’s Ukrainian-Greek Orthodox Church.  This was the church that Shaun grew up attending Sunday School and Ukrainian Dancing at.  And this also meant that there was going to be Ukrainian Food!!! Great Ukrainian food.  St. John’s puts on one of the best Pyrohy suppers in the city, and we were blessed with a fantastic feast.  But more importantly, we were excited to see Joanna and Travis get married.  They are great.  They have one of those relationships the movies try to capture.  One where they are best friends and always beaming with happiness.  The joy was palpable the entire day.  During the speeches, Joanna would smile at Travis continually.  Even though I knew I had caught it numerous times, I couldn’t stop taking a picture of it.  I think I got it at least 20 times.  I will point it out to you later in the post.  The biggest smile might have happened while we were being told how wonderful and caring Travis is… he cares so much, about everything.  Even plastic plants, which apparently need watering too.  Hehe.

We had a great day with everyone.  The weather turned out to be gorgeous and the reception was a blast.  Especially with the Playboys playing the important Ukrainian music along with the requisite polkas, oldies and country standards.  They even had a close friend sing their first dance to them, which as we all know is a perfect way to start your life together.

- Steph


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